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Appliances Repair in MD

  • everything’s been breaking all of the sudden, adding to this feeling of being the anonymous poor in MD, and after the depressing B & W auto repair stuff, i’ve been skittish about the lack of craftsmanship and honor left in america.

    existential crisis stuff.

  • Appliances Repair in MD

    then washing machine breaks, and my partner, he calls Bay Appliance Repair on another repairman’s recommendation (he didn’t work on portable washers) and we got in an argument because i read the bad review from “Jay N.” here and what he said about Gene at Appliances Repair in MD alarmed me UNTIL I REALIZED THAT I WANT A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER WHO GIVES ENOUGH OF A DAMN TO GET NICE N’ GHETTO ON A BAD REVIEW.

    Appliances Repair in MD

      usually people fight the hardest when they feel the most wronged. and living on the bottom rung of MD, i KNOW that this city is full of passive aggressive entitled people who’re a customer service nightmare (i’ve also worked retail and would now consider myself LUCKY to get back into taking crap in a retail job).

    Appliances Repair in MD

    so you have to know how to READ these yelp reviews. read their other reviews. are they snarky? having too much fun telling the story of a working guy trying to hold his own in a MD that’s increasingly hard for independent businesses to stay alive in?

    so i was expecting to be reamed by Appliances Repair in MD because of that “Jay N.” guy, but i’m here to tell you that i’m glad my james went with the other pro’s recommendation (that’s golden), because the guy they sent over, ALEX, was a dream.

    Appliances Repair in MD

    he was an absolute gentleman and was honest and was actually quite surprised that he seemed to fix it with the “Fonz’s” touch. he really did get underneath in the dust of the thing, but then he did a few spins, re-engaged the spinning function, and shrugged and charged us simply the service call charge.

    i adore ALEX now. he saved me from another day in the abyss, where nothing works and computers suck because even toasters and marriages and honor seems to have built in obsolescence these days.

    but ALEX was honorable and wonderful and i’m grateful for this experience. i’m starting to believe in humanity again.

    and Gene, i hear you. some of us see that you actually give a damn enough to lose yourself in trying to maintain a good reputation in an era when people think you can just “write” up your own rep on facebook.

    they’re things you EARN.

    thanks. ALEX makes you all look amazing.