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Refrigerator Repair in VA

  • I don’t write many Yelp reviews, but after my recent experience with Gene, I had to send out props. My refrigerator went kaput recently, and while I think of myself as really handy, this ended up being out of my league. I emailed Appliances Repair in VA some photos and a description of my issue. Gene promptly replied and told me it was a sealed-system issue, which is covered under the manufacturer warranty. (He doesn’t do warranty repair, so this means no $$ for him.)
  • Refrigerator Repair in VA

      Despite this fact, he spent several email cycles answering my silly questions and helping me prep for a (hopefully) successful warranty claim with Sears. From my admittedly brief experience, the guy is smart, friendly, and runs an ethical business.

    Refrigerator Repair in VA