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Appliances Repair in VA

  • We got a towel stuck in the door seal and the seal tore and water began leaking from our washer. We called Noel Appliance and he said he did not service our machine and recommended Appliances Repair in VA. They came out that day and looked at our machine and determined we needed a new door gasket, but they didn’t have one in stock.
  • Appliances Repair in VA

      They called around and found one that could be delivered a couple of days later. They scheduled my service for a couple of days later and asked if the part came in earlier if I’d be around. It worked out that the part came in a day earlier and they came later that day and had my washer back up and running ahead of schedule. And this was during the holidays! Both techs that came to my house were professional and knowledgeable. Hopefully I won’t need them again any time soon, but if I do I’d use them again.

    They have few more offices in town and one of them i remember is in Appliances Repair in MD

    Appliances Repair in MD