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Appliances Repair in MD

  • By some miracle, we found him through Craigslist when we were having some mid-winter water heater problems. When you’re over that particular barrel, you’re pretty much stuck paying whatever it takes to get your hot showers back, no matter what. You kind of just grit your teeth and hope for the best. Amazingly, Noel came out and fixed out water heater issues fast, effectively and for very little money.
  • Appliances Repair in MD

      A year later our ancient washing machine started to crap out (technical term). Noel had left handy magnetic business cards affixed to our appliances, which was not only a great touch but meant that I wouldn’t have to battle my fickle memory to figure out how to contact him again. He came out immediately and fixed our dryer in very little time, costing us very little money.

    Appliances Repair in MD

    We’ve had him out a few more times and every time he has been friendly, fast and economical. And honest! There is good reason for all these wonderful reviews.

    Appliances Repair in VA

    Appliances Repair in MD