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Appliances Repair in VA

  • I was stressed out because Sunday was laundry day and the dryer broke on my 1st load. I had about 10 loads to do including clothes and blankets for my 8 month old daughter. I called a washer/dryer repair guy and got a very iffy feeling from him, so I decided I’d better buy a new or gently used one.
  • Appliances Repair in VA

      I ran into Noel’s ad on craigslist and when I called, he was very helpful and straight forward. The best thing is he was able to be at my house in only about 45 min from the time I called and he hauled away my old one! When he got here, he was very friendly and professional. Best of all, he offers a 3 month warranty! Where else can you get a used washer or dryer with a warranty?

    Appliances Repair in MD

    I will definitely be referring him to my friends and family.

    Appliances Repair in VA