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Appliances Repair in VA

  • nothing strikes fear in the heart of a new mom (5 weeks to be exact!) like a broken washing machine. so when ours quit “spinning” yesterday at about 4pm I had full breakdown – blame the hormones.
  • Appliances Repair in VA

    after spending hours online looking for a replacement machine and realizing that I couldn’t have one delivered until after the new year (not acceptable for someone who is currently doing an average of three loads a day!). Noel Appliance to the rescue.

    Appliances Repair in VA

      Not only did Noel show up less than an hour after my husband’s initial call, but the machine was repaired in about 15 minutes, saving us a ton of money on a new machine. This mom is currently letting out a huge sigh of relief!

    Appliances Repair in VA

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