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Appliances Repair in MD

  • My dryer was making obnoxious screeching noises and I called Emil after reading reviews here. He said he could come by same day which thrilled me.

    I have a stacked w/d in a closet and it would NOT be easy to access the back of it. He couldn’t repair the issue from the front so he called in a friend who would be able to help him move the dryer, etc.

  • Appliances Repair in MD

      Fortunately before his friend arrived he took the top off the dryer and found the issue (saving me some $$$)!!!

    Appliances Repair in MD

    He was extremely professional, did his job very well, and I thought he was reasonably priced. I would certainly call him again if I have an appliance issue and recommend him to friends.

    Appliances Repair in MD

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