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  • Refrigerator Repair in VA

    1. AnyBrandRepair is great. Same day service, and had most of the parts we needed. For the parts we didn’t they had it for us the next day.

      Our dryer broke and the technician was able to fix it without a problem. He gave a little talk to us about cleaning it out once a year because of the amount of lint that had accumulated inside and could be a fire hazard.

    Refrigerator Repair in VA

    He even showed us the easiest way to clean it out. He was so knowledgeable about appliances we had him look at our old refrigerator that wasn’t keeping things cold enough. The fan needed to be replaced and he had that in the truck.

    Refrigerator Repair in VA

    I would give them 5 stars except the whole thing put me out $600. It was worth it and probably the going rate but I hate spending that much on repairs.
    Refrigerator Repair in VA
    Refrigerator Repair in VA
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    Washington (DC) : 202-400-3260