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  • Appliances Repair in MD

    1. I was hesitant about calling this place after seeing the one review, but I realize how these things work, and I know that it’s more likely that someone is more likely to come to give a bad experience then spend the time if everything was good.

    Appliances Repair in MD

    I am just one person, but I had a very good experience with Any Brand. The receptionist that answered when I called on a Saturday afternoon was friendly and quick, the service technician showed up in just a few hours and was helpful, fast and knew what needed to be done right away.

    Appliances Repair in MD

    He had the parts with him and he assured us that if the fix he thought it was wasn’t correct, he would just take it out and we would only pay for the service charge. Totally reasonable and fair.
    Appliances Repair in MD
    I would certainly use them again, and it beat buying a new fridge that weekend!