It's All Food And Games

I have been away from the country (and my laptop) for almost three weeks now, and the truth is I am still adjusting to being back to the “real world”.

Our weeks in Italy have been utterly amazing, and for once it all felt like a true holiday rather than a bizarre leap back into my early twenties. This time we travelled a bit, too: from mountains to islands, a proper mini-tour of my native North-East.

And of course, every Italian tour is also very much a culinary affair. This time, I made sure I documented the most salient moments of my mouthwatering journey home so I could share them here.

The first stop was Falcade, a small village nested 1,165 metres up in the Dolomites northwest of Venice. The place is reasonably busy during the winter season: with great weather, long days, and over 100 km of slopes to explore…

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