jeb blographica

Not sure if this a good idea or not — posting an unfinished works. Got no time to think about it so, let’s just give it a shot.

Am presently in a discussion on an assignment about healthcare. While no firm agreement is in sight yet, the mind has begun wondering around sketching ideas for a series of window display Posters.

So, below is one early draft for consideration & for brainstorming purposes:

For now, it’s too clean to my liking & thus lacking an edge. Oh, ignore the heading & copy please — these are for visuals only. After all, I am no copywriter. Regular followers of this blog, you should know that by now…

The above is the first of three ideas that I’ve got grinding in my mind at the moment. As usual these will keep popping in & out, like salmons swimming upstream, until they’re put…

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