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Bobby and Me was rockin’ the Deli !
We both had said our prayers for a great day and He answered!
We couldn’t hardly wait to Z the register out,we both guessed what our dollar day was and we both were very close to the read out.God Is Good!!!!
Today we are going to be the team of two again and our prayer is sent up for another great day.
I have worked with alot of great team players before and Bobby is right up there with us,love me some Bobby,Hey! Darlene! Thanx Bobby for being my Friend!
Weather is suppose to be messy,maybe them peeps at River Bend don’t want to be shut in today and we have double the Fun today,lookin’ forward to our day.
All is Well in the Jack in the Box,Daddy is getting his BoTime,via Buster,a big thank you to him,Big Jean is doing…

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