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I have figured out the way to post as frequently as before, I have downloaded this app for my Galaxy Note and now I can write just as much as I want.

This week, yet another Julianne Moore marathon.

The end of the Affair

All the jelousy, ‘He killed me with jelousy, you’re killing me with love’, blaming God for talking her away from him. An absolutely sensational film. The question is if she died of tuberculosis, he does know he’s gonna die too, right? Why was that was mentioned?


What I love about this part is there is more action than in the first part. In The Silence of the Lambs, I personally was not intrigued by the side story of the girl being kidnapped, but absolutely fascinated with the Clarice/Dr.Lecter relationship. It must have been really hard for Julianne to live up to the perfect charcter…

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