Nothing to do on a sunny sunday in the city? Check out these yummy eats from neighborhood favorite; Stockyards Smokehouse & Ladder. You’d almost miss it if it wasn’t for the line up outside the door. Tucked away, just west of the corner at Christie and St.Clair West is the infamous food joint. Consider taking out your eats and heading to the park at Wychwood Barns.

699 St.Clair Ave. W
M6C 1B2
416 658 9666

Fried Chicken Stockyard

Stockyards Fried Chicken Dinner: 14.00

4 pcs. of Buttermilk marinated chicken
served with fries, coleslaw, and hot sauce


Whole rack of BBQ ribs: 26.00


The Green Chili Pimento Cheese: 9.00

smoked jalapeno, cheddar, mayo,
butter lettuce.

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