Stan of Few Words

Me and some colleagues sitting at lunch. A woman passes our table, we see her around but no one quite knows what she does. We have an impromptu round-table discussion on “would you?”. I say I wouldn’t; the challenge flag is immediately thrown.

“You stay checking her out”

Now stay is a bit too much, but she does catch my eye from time to time; to be honest, I probably would. She’s not overly attractive but there’s something to her, the way she carries herself, that is sexy.

Sexiness to me is more or less how much I desire you. Of course physical attributes play a role, but it goes well beyond that. Confidence, subtlety, curiosity, uniqueness, and reciprocation cup size….that is what’s sexy. Sexiness is an appeal, how alluring one finds you will never be your decision. Take for instance the ever popular Instagram. I’m much more drawn…

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