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Hi Everyone.. 🙂

I hope you’re all doing very well.

The Lent season just end, and I hope you enjoyed your vacation. 

I love products of VICTORIA SECRET,  do you love it too?

Though, there is something that I wish that they would made.


I wish they made one of this in my country. (PHILIPPINES)

YES! I want a boutique/store of Victoria Secret here in Manila, if you would notice on all leading department, we only have a small space of the Victoria Secret Products. Worst is they only sell the body mist which is not even complete, the selection of body mist is very limited. Thoug, I think I was lucky enough that they have my favorite body mist which is “Midnight Mimosa”. I mean I want other products from this brand like bags, undies, clothes, yoga pants etc. 

I really don’t like ordering my VS product online, because sometimes…

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