The Wrap

Victoria Secret Pinkanything!! I love their 2/$40 & 2/$30 deals. They have the best and most motivating work out gear… I swear getting a new PINK shirt, or new Leggings/yoga pants really get me pumped to push a little harder. There is something behind feeling good on the outside that motivates you to give your all to feel good on the inside. If I feel “cute” or attractive… I have a little pep in my step during my Run or weight lifting.







Knee High Socks… My best friend is the main culprit for this one. Sure I wore knee High socks as a teenager. Especially since I used to ride around town on my longboard skate board wearing my worn out jean cut off shorts, slip on vans and knee high socks. But now as an adult. I have to say they are sexy…

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