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Look Parisian Chic

Would you want the Parisian look?
I was browsing online looking through Victoria Secret and Guess emails forcing me to their webpages to browse their latest fashion trends. Both Victoria Secret and Guess’ webpages had youthful attractive tanned and healthy female models sporting shorts and skin. Marciano, under the Guess Inc umbrella, was not quite as appealing… Parisian Chic the advertisement reads, classy, but wait a female (hopefully Parisian) model is posing… sadly not the best pose, clothes or hoes… I’d go as far to say she seems to have been placed in an outfit out of the Great Gatsby and is awaiting the lobotomy that is about to be scheduled for her. Those wide eyes that are far from being “dear in the headlights” and are closer to the fear seen in the eyes of a man about to meet their maker. or lobotomer.. lobotomy surgeon?

You need more than…

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