The Thoughts of an Average American Teen

The article I am going to be talking about is

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking the author, I’m just giving my input on the post. I stumbled upon this post and felt strongly about it. A summary is that a parent is concerned about how teenage and pre-teen girls are being sexualized because of Victoria Secret and other “skimpy” underwear and bras.

This is an excerpt from the blog:

“Moms typically pick up their tweens and teens boxes of underwear at big-box stores like Costco, Target and Walmart. Retailers like Gap, Gymboree and Hanna Anderson also carry these items for young girls. The bras and panties are usually fun, colorful and comfy, certainly not skimpy. You might find unicorns, Hello Kitty, or cotton-tailed bunnies on them.”

I don’t agree with this at all, I grew up in a modest family, and once I hit high school…

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