The Newest Wrinkle

vicotria secret other picParents have been outraged at the latest Victoria’s Secret Pink ad campaign, titled “Bright New Things”. The campaign was clearly targeted towards a younger audience than is usual, probably young teens or tweens (the models rode bikes through beach scenes, wearing neon colors). However the clothing was not suitable for kids of this age. For instance, one garment advertised was a bright lingerie with provocative slogans such as “Call Me” printed across the back of a thong. That this merchandise should be sold to children 10-14 is completely inappropriate. However it is and has been happening. You would be hard pressed to find a girl in a middle school who does not own a single pair of Pink yoga pants. And if those same girls bough the pants they would have walked right past all the lacy undergarments on their way to the cash register and perhaps even purchased something…

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