merely expostulating

There were nuns in Victoria Secret. Apparently everyone wishes to take part in the Semi-Annual sale. All I have to say is, Good taste and better money management skills. Good job, ladies.

Jess’ clan and the DFL have now met.
It was an epic meeting. Mainly because Jess’ clan consists of 8 people and one extra (the beau. Who I am naming…Columbia). That alone is monumental.

I now hurt from head to toe from laughing so hard. We had a great time reminiscing about 4-H and the random ways we used to try to injure, maim, and kill ourselves and each other at co-op. Good. Times.

And now, because I am tired and lazy and I have COMPLETED THIS SECTION OF SUMMER CLASSES I am going to wrap up and go to bed.
But it has been quite a good Friday, people.

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