Growing Up 18

Its something everyone knows about. A world wide concern no matter how old you are, or where you live. It WILL find you.


That two, usually, three digit number is the thorn in your side that never, ever, EVER, goes away. Its the personal companion that you wish would choke and die. Unfortunately modern technology hasn’t come up with a way to do that…yet.

I mean I’m a pretty attractive, sexy (duhhh of course I’m gonna say that!) girl. I’ve been blessed with beautiful long dark hair, big hazel eyes, long legs some other good stuff,*wink*, but weight is the one thing that has always bugged me. Ive never been what you would call “obese” but I’ve also never been a stick. Of course in my own little world, I might as well be the biggest elephant known to man but that isn’t true. I have though, been tall my…

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