Visit Blue Mountains

By Ellen Hill

The first hotel in Australia’s first tourist destination will celebrate its 130th birthday on August 15 – and after a nine-year $10 million facelift, The Carrington Hotel hasn’t looked this good in years.

Renamed after former NSW Governor (1885-90) Lord Carrington who visited in September 1887, the Great Western Hotel was built by Sydney hotelier Harry Rowell and opened in 1883.

It was one of the finest British colonial hotels in the world, a favourite for international visitors, the elite of Sydney and those eager to see the natural wonders of the Blue Mountains.

An August 13, 1883, newspaper advertisement in the Apartments, Board and Residence Column under “B’’ for Blue Mountains reads: “BLUE MOUNTAINS. GREAT WESTERN HOTEL, Katoomba, will open on 15th August for the accommodation of the public. Apply HARRY G ROWELL Proprietor.’’

Mr F C Goyder later extended the hotel and is…

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