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Oh Wolverine. I’ve been an X-Men fan since the early 90s when I saw a cartoon called “Pryde of the X-Men” randomly on a Saturday morning and then subsequently got a trade paperback of “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and became a little obsessed. The action! The pathos! The imagination! I couldn’t get enough. X-Men was my gateway drug into superhero fiction and I fell into a deep, dark hole of it. Maybe it was the  metaphor of outsiders finding their places in a world that hates and fears them resonating with me but I also fell in love with the characters. Except Wolverine (and Cyclops, but everyone hates him so this is not a huge admission) who is in my opinion a wildly overrated character.

Granted his movie incarnation has been, at least in terms of characterization, a huge improvement. Hugh Jackman has really done wonders

for the character in…

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