Mirkwood Faerie

I’ve had this one concept in mind for a long time – that of a girl walking through a forest carrying vegetables. I tried it in 2011 but I never liked the picture.

2011 picture:

The girl pretty much disappears into the background, the light coming from behind the trees is way too distracting. (And what on earth was I trying to do with that butterfly?!)

So, I tried it again a couple of months ago. It is much better than the one from 2011. I also tried something new in this picture. The waterfall (Latourell Falls) side of the image is from a different image.

2013 picture:

From the same photo shoot:

My husband thinks I have over used the baby concept in pictures but I still have a few unedited ones with this baby. I will maybe give it a rest after I am done editing all of…

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