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I’m not in the fashion industry anymore. Its sometimes hard to take. I actually enjoyed being around the process, the material, and the design. I wasn’t happy at the time, I needed to find my center and my goals, but I had to do it away from everything. I was fortunate to still have the opportunity to be around it, thanks to my good friend, Crystal, who shared the industry with me during the Fashion Weeks of the year. Hell, if I were still watching television, we’d be “America’s Next Top Model”-buddies.

This year, I’m going to need to figure out how to honor my hobby (fashion), and go to Los Angeles Fashion Week with some idea. Now, previously, I would sign-up for Media as a Photographer. Personally, I want to sign-up on behalf of an organization. So I did. As a Writer/Photographer of Nerd Reactor. I know, I know!…

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