Before I start, my favorite song at the moment is Love More by Chris Brown, hence the reason of my title today. Hehe. The song just makes me want to dance and pumps up my mood! (Until it starts getting overplayed on the radio….)

It was a lazy Monday for me, so I pretty much slipped on whatever, y’know, your usual top, bottoms, and shoes – oh, and my skinny belt. Today, I’m going to feature my crop top from one of my favorite stores: Brandy Melville! A few months ago, I was casually browsing fashion related posts by some fellow Instagramers, until I saw a crop top which said “gangsta rap made me do it” and I was like “omg, I really want this!” So I searched where the source of the tee had came from and it’s Brandy Melville! I admit, the style is pretty basic since all…

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