Refrigerator Repair in MD
Some refrigerator defects and their symptoms are more common than other. If you are having one of the following issues with your refrigerator, then don’t fret over it. These are common and repairable defects that professionals face every day.
No light
If the light in your fridge goes off, it’s a lapse in power supply either due to some defective service cord, defective AC outlet or an open circuit. Any qualified electrician can fix the problem in no time.
Refrigerator Repair in MD
Fridge does not run
It might sound alarming but it’s not necessarily a total collapse of the machinery. A defect in temperature control or defrost timer might cause it. A defective start relay might also be the cause. Several companies for Refrigerator Repair in MD possess well qualified technicians that can get your refrigerator a life. However, a failed compressor might be a reason to worry behind a non running refrigerator for compressor is the most expensive spare part of its machinery.
Refrigerator Repair in MD
Runs without cooling
It may either be caused by a loss of refrigerant charge or an insufficient compressor. Both the issues are addressable by the professionals.
Freezes the stuff in fridge
It is one of the most common defects of refrigerators which makes the fruits and vegetables frozen rock hard inside the fridge. It is either because of a defective temperature control or simply an out of adjustment temperature control.
Refrigerator Repair in MD
Runs excessively without sufficient cooling
It may be because of a number of factors. A defect in either evaporator fan or defrost timer may reduce the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. Similarly, a defective or merely dirty condenser might as well cause insufficient cooling. Since compressor is the major part of a fridge’s machinery, a failing compressor may also gradually reduce the cooling effect of refrigerator. However, in some cases, it may be an outcome of something as trivial as a bad sealing system that causes loss of cooling from inside of the fridge. When a problem is multi-factorial, the need of professional assistance gets double fold, for here you first need a smart diagnosis before moving on to the solution. You have to track down the most professional and reliable service providers dealing in Refrigerator Repair in MD for addressing the problem.
Refrigerator Repair in MD
Sweating and leaking refrigerator
In former case, the refrigerator functions normally but sweats. It is mostly because of a defective heater in door channels or a bad sealing system that makes the doors cold and vapors in the air form sweat on the cold surface. In case of a leaking refrigerator, the fault lies in some restriction in the drain system.
Refrigerator Repair in MD
Makes excessive noise
Noise may also be caused by a number of factors i.e. a defective condenser fan, a defective evaporator fan or some internal compressor problem. In some cases, however, it is just the rattling of defrost water pan which you can re-adjust to calm your fridge down.
If any of the above listed issues are being faced by you, remember you are not the only one having them. These problems are common and so are their solutions.

Refrigerator Repair In MD